Anne Krocak                                         



I deeply believe that art can spur social change. Using art to bring marginalized people into the center of their community is one of my passions.  As a public artist, I am dedicated to visually depicting the unheard voice, bringing "what matters to them" into public view. I work with communities or organizations to create interactive art pieces such as concrete sculptures/benches, mosaics, murals, mobiles and interactive temporary installations.  Beginning with the collaborative process through stories and images we develop a sense of community. Drawing on our discovery, we work together to create designs unique to the installation, celebrating the character of the community and the natural beauty of its placement.  

I also enjoy teaching classes as well as exhibiting and selling my personal artwork.  



Rhythms of Life- Ebenezer Graffiti Project. Paint, wood, fabric on wall. 20' x 7'. Designed, led and collaborated with Ebenezer's Tower community to create an inclusive, welcoming conversational art piece for the side entrance to the building in the music corner. Installed in main foyer behind the piano. Minneapolis, MN. 


Our Neighborhood - Ebenezer Logo. Stained glass, wood, plexi-glass wall hanging. 

6’ x 6’. Designed, led and collaborated with Ebenezer's Tower community to create an inclusive, welcoming entrance art piece. Installed in main foyer behind the front desk and design for their building logo. Minneapolis, MN.

PRI-A mosaic! Hand-build sculptural clay tiles and cut shaped glass mosaic. 

2.5’ x 2.5’.  Designed, led and collaborated with staff and participant-artists to create artwork.  Collaborating artists work at PRI, a day program for adults with mental and physical disabilities.  Installed in front entrance to building. St. Louis Park, MN.

Mainstreet Village. Hand-built sculptural clay tile and hand cut stained glass mosaic. 

8’ x 6’ x 5’. Designed, led and collaborated with and senior and youth participant-artists. This Intergenerational project create a collaboration between senior residents at Mainstreet Village and MN Life Collage, a college for young adults with autism.  Installed at front entrance to the building and community garden. Richfield, MN.

The Trees in Eden Prairie. Hand-built sculptural clay tiles and hand cut glass mosaic.  

8’x 4’. Designed, led and collaborated with 20+seniors to create a mosaic for the entrance to their building. Edendale Senior Living Community. Eden Prairie. MN.

Our Peace of the World. Hand-built sculptural clay tiles and hand cut glass community mosaic.  Designed, led and collaborated with 20+seniors/youth teams to create a mosaic for the entrance to their community garden. Oak Meadow, Oakdale MN.


(2015, 2016 & 2017) The Beauty of Our Community 3- Community Mosaics. Handmade sculptural clay tiles and hand cut glass mosaic. 5’x6’. Designed, led and collaborated with art teacher and 6 classes to create and install each years mosaic in two weeks.  Installed in main foyer of the school over a three year period. Hills-Beaver Creek High School. Beavers Creek, MN.

White Blear Lake Community Mosaic. Hand-built sculptural clay tiles and cut glass. 

5’ x 3’. Designed, led and collaborated with 20 residents at White Bear Hieghts. 

White Bear Lake, MN. 


Our River, Hand-built sculptural tile and cut glass mosaic. 12’ x 9’. Designed, led and collaborated with over 8 staff and 60 residents at Ebenezer Tower. Displayed in the lobby of Ebenezer Tower. Minneapolis, MN.

Where We Come From. Hand-built, painted with glass inlays concrete sculptures.

2-10’ x 3'. Designed, led and collaborated with over 8 staff and 60 residents at Ebenezer Tower. Displayed in the front courtyard by the entrance to Ebenezer Tower.  Minneapolis, MN. 


Turtle Sculpture- “Squirtle”. Hand-built, painted with glass inlays, concrete sculptural bench. 8’ x 4’. Designed, led and collaborated with over 8 staff and 40 drop in youth, residents of Cimarron trailer Park. Displayed in the playground area by new Family Means Building. Cimarron Trailer Park. Lake Elmo, MN.

Seasons. Hand-built, bas-relief, clay sculptures surrounded by cut glass with special inlays embedded into the mosaic. 4- 4’ x 2’ panels. Designed and created in collaboration with numerous committees from Children’s’ Hospital and Harriet’s 3 daughters in tribute to to their mothers memory. Displayed at Children’s Hospital Minneapolis-Campus, Oncology.   Minneapolis, MN. 


Our Home. Hand-built, bas-relief clay sculptures and glass mosaic. 4’ x 5’. Designed, created and led over 60 children and staff, ages 4 to 18 attending Northside Community Center. Installed in the entrance to Northside Community Center. North Minneapolis, MN.  

Nature is in Us. Hand-built, bas relief clay sculptures and cut glass mosaic. 5’x4’. Designed, led and collaborated with over 6 staff and 40 senior residents at Redeemer Health and Rehabilitations-Care Center. Displayed in the entrance to Redeemer Heath and Rehabilitation. Minneapolis, MN. 

Ducks on Parade & Just Ducky. Handmade concrete, mosaic and painted, duck sculptures and canvas "Just Ducky" paintings.  8 Duck Sculptures 1.5’ x 2’.  4’ x 3’. Acrylic paintings, 4.5’ x 2.5’. Designed, Implemented and led 10 teams of junior high students from Sky Oaks Junior High and senior citizens from Oak Meadows in a two-week Intergenerational Duck Adventure.  6 Duck Sculptures and one painting installed at Sky Oaks School, Woodbury.  Two Duck sculptures and two paintings installed at Oak Meadows, Oakdale MN.

Peace - Peace Garden Stepping Stones. 250-hand cut glass on concrete stones. 1’x 1’.

Created, led and implemented program with 1000 school children ages 4-13 and their collaborating teachers in creating stepping stones to be installed creating a paths in their Peace garden.  Each child in the school learned about the pubic art, how to create a mosaic and made an originally designed mosaic for their community Peace Garden and path. Valley Crossing Community School. Woodbury MN.


We Love to Read Bench. Cut and broken glass and ceramic tile on hand sculpted concrete bench. 13'x 3.5' x 4.5'x 3.5'.   Designed, led and collaborated with 50 participating artists with multiple special needs, attending South Education Center. Installed outside entrance to South Education Center. Richfield MN.

Joining Together. Hand made bas-relief clay sculptures, tiles and cut glass mosaic. 5’x2’x 5’’. Designed, led and collaborated with over 25 staff and residents at Ebenezer-Loren on Park and Ebenezer community. Displayed in the entrance to Ebenezer Loren on Park. Minneapolis, MN.


Bird with City Scape. Hand made bas-relief clay sculptures, tiles and cut glass mosaic. 3'x4'. Designed, led and collaborated with over 25 staff and residents at Ebenezer-Loren on Park. Displayed in foyer of Ebenezer-Loren on Park. Minneapolis, MN.

Job Corps-Hubert H Humphrey 50 years Anniversary Celebration Mosaic.

Commemorative cut glass mosaic 3’5” circle. Designed and lead artist, created with over 200 Students, staff, and guests celebrating the Hubert H. Humphrey’s 50th Anniversary party. Displayed in the main offices of the Hubert H. Humphrey Building of the Humphrey Center. St. Paul, MN.

Edgewood Tree and Out Door Art Garden Project. Cut glass and handmade, bas-relief clay tile mosaic. 12’ x 10’. And 50 mosaic concrete stepping stones. 12” x 12”. And 6 earth weavings. 3-1'x1' - 3-3'x2'. Designed and lead artist worked with over 100 student artists with various special needs including Autism, Downs Syndrome and various behavioral disabilities.  Year long residency funded by the State Arts Board and district 287. Tree installed in entrance foyer of the school, concrete cut glass stepping stones and earth weaving installed in their backyard garden. Brooklyn Center, MN.

Peace and Healing Mosaic Project. Two hand-made bas-relief tiles and cut glass mosaics.

2’ x 3”. Designed and led 40 teens, in Transitional Treatment Program for youth in recovery,  creating two mosaics representing their hope for the future. Displayed in the offices at Omegon-Transitional Treatment Program for Youth in Recovery.  Minnetonka, MN 

All in MN. Hand made, bas-relief clay tile and cut glass mosaic. 5’ x 2’8”. Designed and led over 100 incarcerated youth at Hennepin County Home School in creating their vision of MN and giving them an opportunity at restorative justice. Displayed inside foyer at McRae Park 47th& Elliott. Minneapolis, MN.  

My Little Library Mosaic Project. 5-individually designed, cut glass and commercial tile inlaid between wood frame.  8” x 12”. Designed and led intergenerational program with youth and seniors ages 8 - 88 in a two-day workshop. Installed on Free Library in courtyard at Lyngblomsten Senior Living Community. St Paul, MN.


Our Community Mosaic Project. Handmade, bas-relief clay tiles, cut glass and commercial tile mosaic. 8’ x 6’. Created, Designed and led 15 artist participants ranging in age from 8 to 99.   Displayed at the entrance to the Apartments at Lyngblomsten. Funded in part by a grant from the State Arts Board. St Paul, MN. 


Transition Plus Mosaic Project– Cut glass and handmade tile mosaics.  

3’ x 4’ and 4’ x 4’. Designed, led and collaborated with 60 special needs artist/interns from Anoka Transition Plus Programs. Displayed at the District Headquarters in Anoka School District.  Anoka MN. 

The Sensory Mosaics at Edgewood Education Center. 6 hand sculpted, bas-relief clay tiles, hand cut stained glass and broken commercial tile. 2’x3’- 4’x 3’. Designed, led and collaborated with over 50 teachers Edgewood Education Center to inspire team-building, showcase their community and create sensory walls for their students.  Installed throughout the Edgewood Education Center, school one in each hallway. Brooklyn Center, MN.


“Our Community Tree” Mosaic Project. Cut, broken glass and handmade bas-relief clay tile mosaic. 3’x 2’. Created, led and collaborated with 25 resident seniors at Shalom-Knollwood Pace Apartments. Installed in the entryway of Shalom-Knollwood Place Apartments. 

St. Louis Park, MN.   

TPT - Art and the Brain Sculpture for TPT Opening of Art and the Mind. Mixed media sculpture. 6’ x 6’ x 6’. Temporary Instillation in the Mac Phail Building and traveling show.

Minneapolis, MN.

Tree of Life Mosaic Project. Cut, broken glass and handmade tile mosaic. 3’x 2’. Designed, led and collaborated with 30 seniors, some with different stages of dementia. Installed in the Shaller Family Shalom Home East. St. Paul, MN.

“Our Home” Mosaic Project– Cut, broken glass and handmade tile mosaic. 3’x 2’. Designed, lead artist and collaborated with 23 seniors living at Berkshire Senior Care Residence. Installed in the foyer entrance to Birkshire Senior Care Residence. Osseo, MN.

A Healthy World - A World without M.S. Paper collage. 5’ x 4’. Designed, led and collaborated with 100+ youth and adults in creating a graphic story-board comic strips to be combined into a collage.  Featured on the Summer 2013 brochure with the youth artists and displayed in the Upper Midwest M.S. Society office. Minneapolis, MN.


All Hands Tree “National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities 10 Years of Service”. Plexiglas hand college. 6’ x 5’. Designed and created a participatory project for the National Center for Disease Control, creating a memorable installation for the national headquarters, a touring show and the CDC Museum. Installed at National Center for Disease Control. Atlanta, GA. 

Accessible Art Garden/Handmade tile Mosaic Project/mobile. Cut, broken, and handmade bas-relief clay tile mosaic. 8’ x 4’. Designer and lead artist collaborated with 75 special needs artist-interns from six different programs at South Education Center High School and Alternative School. South Education.  Accessible Art Garden.  Hand built concrete sculptures, painted and inlayed with cut glass. Designer and lead artist, collaborated with 75 special needs artist-interns from six different programs at South Education Center High School and Alternative School. Richfield, MN.


Leaves from the Tree of Dreams. Fabric and mixed media collage. 9’ x 4’. Designer and lead artist collaborating with visitors at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery created individual leaves reflecting their personal hopes and dreams and how when installed together intersect and grow, much like a tree. Temporary display at the Smithsonian, Portrait Gallery. Later incorporated into a community display. Washington, D.C. 

A Healthy World - A World without M.S. Painted mural on wood. 12’ x 10’ & 8’ x 7’.

Design, led and collaborated with 100 youth campers, who have a parents with M.S.



Deer, Goose and River Benches. Concrete sculptures with inlaid handmade bas-relief clay tiles. 4’ x 5’, 3’ x 4’, 3’ x 3’. Designer, lead artist collaborated with 250 artist-students from, Middle River-Greenbush School District grades K–12. Installed at the Memorial Walking Path in Middle River. Greenbush, MN.


The Tree of Dreams. Broken, cut glass, commercial and handmade, bas-relief clay tile mosaic, 4- 4’x 9’panels. Designer, lead artist collaborated with 100  7th-12th grade Autistic artist/interns, students at Lionsgate Academy/Conerstone Church. Crystal, MN.


Mapping St. Paul-The PasPider Project. Multimedia recycled paper collage. 4’ x 6’. Designed, led and collaborated with over 40 artist/intern from around the community visiting the St. Paul PasPider Project to create a “Special qualities of St. Paul” map.  Temporary Installation. 

St. Paul, MN.

STIP Mosaic Project, Cut, broken and handmade bas-relief clay sculptural tile mosaic.

3’ x 4’. Designed, created and led 50 artist/interns 16 – 21 years old with multiple special needs in four different transitional programs at South Education Building.  Mosaic displayed in the Foyer of entrance to the South Education Center. Richfield MN. 


Frost Lake Elementary Mosaic Project. Cut and handmade bas-relief clay tile mosaic. 

3’ x 4’. Designer and lead artist worked collaboratively with 15, K-5th grade autistic artist/interns and their teachers. Displayed across from the main office of Frost Lake Elementary. St. Paul, MN.


Dakota-The Intergenerational Community Turtle Bench Project. Concrete, painted sculpture with inlayed hand made tiles. 8’ x 9’. Designed, led, organized, and collaborated with five Burnsville Community Directors and 100s of community participants, ages pre-school to 90.  Installed in the new outdoor learning classroom at Burnsville’s Diamondhead Education Center Outdoor Learning Center. Burnsville, MN. 


Certification in Special Education, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis., MN 1997

Masters of Art Education, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 1996 

College of Liberal Arts (Honors) – Studio Arts, B.F.A. – Ceramic Sculpture, Honors: Phi Kappa Phi & Phi Beta Kappa, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 1994

Teaching Artist Background/Education/Training

Certification in Art Education/Special Education, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis 1997

Masters of Art Education, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 1996 

College of Liberal Arts (Honors) – Studio Arts, B.F.A. – Ceramic Sculpture, Honors: Phi Kappa Phi & Phi Beta Kappa, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis 1994

Teaching experience 2003-18 present (residencies long or short term, some ongoing)

Edendale, Mainstreet Village, Shalom East and West, The Glen, Redeemer, Eccumen, Goodman Group, Ebenezer Day Programs, Eccumen Day Programs, Early Diagnosed day programs, Masonic Homes, St. Anthony Health Care, Presbyterian Homes, Ebenezer, Oak Meadows, Berkshire, Gianna Homes, Lyngblomsten Senior Living Communities, White Bear Hieghts, VA, ++Groves academy, Yachad, Patrick Henry High school Art Specialist, Work Opportunity Connection-Art Specialist

*Designed Curriculum and taught watercolor, acrylic, drawing, fused glass, mosaics, sculpture, silk painting, ceramics, 3-D, Photography, Photo-voice, paper making, book making, printing, jewelry making, weaving, card making, paint and wine parties, community collaborative art project, plexiglass, multimedia, art/technology, murals

Classes for Seniors in: memory loss programs, seniors in subsidized housing, seniors living in the larger Senior community, Senior care facilities and Intergenerational projects for youth and seniors, High school.


Art Residencies & Created Curriculum and taught nine Memory Tiles Residencies in Senior Living Sites around the Twin Cities -Metro area Worked as lead artist and trained volunteers artist to work with the senior population.

Springboard for the Arts –Team Designed and offered class team presenter with Pat Samples for artists wanting to do work with senior populations with Pat Samples


ARTSAGE - Lead artists/mentor trainer , worked with over 25 artists over 3 months to help them learn skills to work effectively work with older adult populations 

Worked collaboratively with three others to develop and create the first mentor/mentee handbook on how to effectively work with and understand the older artist for organizations and individual artists.  Mentor/Trainer -


Gifted and Talented Institute- Burnsville, Eagan, Lakeville Schools - Taught seminars in Drawing, Painting, Art History and Ceramics.

*Burnsville Community Education, Burnsville - Started a ceramics program       and taught Ceramics, Drawing and Painting.


*Adult Education Teacher, Minneapolis, MN - Started ceramics department      and taught ceramics classes.

Work Opportunities Center- (Alternative School), Minneapolis, MN –             

Started and taught ceramics program


Patrick Henry School, Minneapolis, MN-

Started ceramics department and served as Art Specialist- Special Education Teacher, helped write district art standards and specialized curriculum.


Ages, demographics, and unique characteristics of past learners-

Gifted and Talented Institute in Burnsville MN, 

IB Teacher Minneapolis Public Schools

Special Needs Populations High school EBD, LD and Gifted Learners

Seniors programing and mentor/trainer for teaching artists around MN

Low income senior residencies, Intergenerational Homeless shelter, Battered Women's Shelter

Blind, hard of hearing, physical and mental disabilities, Autism, MR adults and youth, MD adults and youth, Intergenerational, community building, homeless, 

Fellowships, Awards, Conferences & Fellowships

Life Long Learning Training, Ebenezer–presenter

Presenter at A Good Age 2016/17

Artist Fellowship, VSA International-an affiliate of the Kennedy Center, 

Washington D.C. 2011

Teaching Artists: Working with Older Adults- co-presenter for Springboard for the Arts

Presenter – Art In Bloom - Bringing art to older adults – co-presenter

Presenterat VSA International Conference – 2012

“ The Contours of Inclusive Arts Teaching and Learning”

Arts Access Award, VSA of Minnesota 2011

Jerome-Artist Recognition Grant, VSA of Minnesota 1999, 2015, 2011


COMPAS Roster Teaching Artist, 2010 – present

ARTSAGE Roster Teaching Artist and visual arts trainer, 2011 

MN VSA Roster Teaching Artist, 2007 – present

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