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Anne Krocak Artist

My name is Anne Krocak, and I am a passionate artist whose life underwent a profound transformation when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 17. The dream of pursuing a dancing career in New York was abruptly altered as I embarked on a journey of relearning to walk and talk following a severe MS attack that left me paralyzed on my left side. This near-death experience infused my life with newfound preciousness and instilled in me a deep commitment to making a difference with the gift of life I've been given.

From a tender age, I exhibited a love for ceramics and creativity. In kindergarten, I found joy in shaping clay into animals and boldly declared myself a future artist. Remaining true to that childhood proclamation, I dedicated my life to infusing my work with vision, passion, and a profound love for creation, spreading the joy of art wherever I go.

Having lived with MS for over 30 years, I intimately understand the power of transcending limitations. Through my art, I endeavor to bring awareness and accessibility to all, inspiring others to break free from the confines of their own boundaries.

As an artist, my journey through life's challenges has led me to express the full spectrum of human emotion through various mediums. Whether it's crafting large-scale public sculptures, intricate mosaics, or paintings ranging from 8"x8" to 20'x 17', each size plays a crucial role in conveying the stories I aim to tell. Despite the reshaping of my path by multiple sclerosis, my creativity remains unconfined. Instead, it has ignited a diverse exploration of mediums, each offering a unique avenue to express the depths of my experiences.

In addition to managing my business, Anne Krocak - Art, I collaborate with communities and public entities to create impactful public art projects, visible across the United States. Notable collaborations include projects with the National Center for Disease Control, The Kennedy Center in DC, and Children's Hospital Minneapolis Campus. My accolades include recognition from esteemed organizations such as VSA Minnesota, COMPAS, Public Arts St. Paul, and ArtSage. In 2009, I was honored with the Jahney-Arts Access Award from VSA Minnesota for outstanding artistic contributions, followed by a National Fellowship from VSA National and the Kennedy Center in 2011.

I also share my expertise by teaching and preparing others to work with individuals with special needs and older adults. My workshops span diverse settings, touching lives nationwide, from senior living communities and museums to schools, homeless shelters, libraries, and hospitals. Ultimately, my art serves as a testament to resilience, creativity, and the transformative power of making a difference in the world.

What people are saying about Anne

I have worked side by side with Anne on dozens of projects and can’t recommend her highly enough. 


She is a model of teaching excellence who consistently goes way beyond expectations. She sets up her participants for success every step of the way, personalizing her classes by her attentive honoring of each person’s interests, abilities, and stories. It’s clear she cares deeply for the well-being of each participant. Her high level of enthusiasm and positive outlook are contagious. Laughter and creativity flood the room when she is teaching.  

Anne is masterful at drawing out of her participants what is meaningful to them, then helping them express that artistically in a way that builds their skills and brings them joy. Their creative work is celebrated often during the class and in a public showing at the end. 

Connection, collaboration, and community building are hallmarks of her classes and projects. People have fun together, support each other, and often create large works of community art that involve everyone’s contribution. What each person cares about becomes incorporated into these community pieces and is valued by all.


Rarely have I seen a person who so electrifies a room and sparks such eager, ongoing participation. She treats each participant as a fellow artist, and it’s clear they feel her respect and grow in their self-confidence and creative risk-taking as artists.


Her participants and the organizers are  overjoyed by her style of artistic facilitation, and she is almost always invited back to lead a group project or class again.



Pat Samples
Creative Aging Champion and Collaborator

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